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Cabo Verde Island Tours

espere para ver! wait to see!

Cabo Verde Island Tours

espere para ver! wait to see!

Factos e Informações turísticas a quem nos visita


Interesting Facts

  • Cape Verde became independent from Portugal on 5th July 1975

  • The highest point in the archipelago is Mount Fogo, a volcano reaching 2,829 metres in height

  • The island has a unique and exotic Creole culture which has absorbed influences from Brazil, Portugal and musical vibes from Senegal.

  • Cape Verdeans trust in the power of "cachupa", a local fish stew, to transform a simple meal into an occasion for storytelling and sharing memories.

  • The natural resources are salt, basalt rock, limestone, kaolin, fish, clay and gypsum.



The Cape Verde escudo (CVE) is fixed to the Euro at the rate of 1 Euro = 110.265CVE.     


Dry Tropical


10 to 12 hours a day


Portuguese & Crioulo (a blend of Portuguese and West African words)

Main Cities:

Praia, Mindelo & S.Filipe

Time Zones:

One hour behind GMT (GMT - 1 hour)


Visas are compulsory and cost approximately €25


4,033 square kilometers (slightly larger than Rhode Island)


Steep, rugged, rocky and volcanic


505,489 (July 2012 est.)

Flying Times:

5.5 hours from the UK; 8 hours from the USA


Useful Information


Boa Vista - Aristides Pereira International Airport

Sal - Amílcar Cabral International Airport

São Vicente - Cesária Évora International Airport

Santiago - Nelson Mandela International Airport


Mindelo & Praia


No vaccinations are required for entry to Cape Verde. Water is unsafe to drink without prior treatment. Medical facilities are limited and some medicines in short supply. Visitors receive free hospital treatment in general hospitals on presenting their passports, but health insurance is strongly advised, with coverage for emergency repatriation.


Visits to Cape Verde are usually trouble free. The political situation is stable and crime rate low. The only danger is presented by occasional hazardous sea conditions around the islands.


The country code is +238. City codes are not required. The archipelago's main cities can be reached by International Direct Dialling. Mobile network coverage - including 3G reception - became very reliable in most towns in the last couple of years.


The fish is fantastic and fresh – straight from the sea and into the kitchen and served simply to your table. Good pizza and pasta are on offer in restaurants and cafes as well as local specialties like "cachupa", fresh tuna and lobster.  "Cachupa" is the staple food of the islands and it is a slow boiled stew of hominy corn, beans, vegetables, spices and marinated pork or tuna.

The national wine comes directly from the island of Fogo, and a local lager is brewed on the main Cape Verde island, Santiago. Cape Verde cuisine is Portuguese inspired and most food comes by ship. Tomatoes, peppers and papaya are grown locally but a lot of food is imported.